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All-Inclusive without the beach? Our experience at the brand- new Secrets Tulum:

Updated: May 16

Would you stay at an all-inclusive resort that wasn't RIGHT on the beach? I asked this question in our Instagram stories and 99% of people said they wouldn't. Initially, I was thinking the same thing. BUT even though Secrets Tulum is located in the jungles of Tulum, guests have full access (and free transfers) to the Beach club. The beach club is an exclusive area only for guests of Secrets Tulum located in the Zona Hotelera RIGHT on the beach and about a 15 minute drive from the main resort. It has two pools, a restaurant, bar, beautiful beach-front seating and a large villa you can stay. The best part is that it is right within walking distance of restaurants and shops. The resort itself has a BOHO vibe and unique grounds with lagoon-style pools (and sand, everywhere!)

Photos from the all inclusive secrets Tulum in Mexico

Food: 7/10

Secrets Tulum has 3 a la carte restaurants, an international buffet, a casual grill, two snack bars, a coffee shop (you HAVE to try the espresso martini) and a sports bar. My favorite meal was the lunch menu at the Grotto restaurant. This restaurant is exclusive to "Preferred Guests" but in my opinion, worth the upgrade!


Drinks: 5/10

The drinks were good! The best was the espresso martini at the coffee shop.

Spa: 7/10

We used the hydrotherapy circuit and were impressed with the vibe at the spa. The resort wasn't fully completed when we stayed so there was no one else there and there were some areas that were still under construction, but the service was attentive.

Easy to access: 2/10

This resort is a FAR drive from the airport. In good traffic, you're looking at 1.5 hours to CUN or 45 minutes from TQO in Tulum.

Service: 8/10

The service was great! All employees we encountered were more than happy to help.

Beach: 9/10

Even though there was no beach on the main resort, Tulum beach is INCREDIBLE. We were here in January and the beach was walkable and large with that incredible turquoise waters and minimal rocks. The sand was powdery white and there was no seaweed at all. The beach club offers drink-service while lounging and there is a seating area on top of the bar with some pretty incredible views.

Pools: 10/10

These pools were SO fun. They're designed to look and feel like cenotes and connect with one another through little canals. Instead of traditional "cement" along the pool as most pools have, it is covered in that powdery white sand. This just adds to the boho feel of the resort. They had ton of lounging chairs and a large percentage of the rooms are swim-ups. They also had rooftop "party" pools AND even a pool right on the beach at the beach club.

Entertainment: 8/10

There was no shortage of daily or nightly activities. We experienced a foam party at the rooftop pool as well as karaoke and an outdoor movie-night. Secrets Tulum also offers a bike tour through the historical part of Tulum where you can see a cenote and participate in a Mayan ritual. Other activities the resort offers includes wine pairings, gourmet cooking lessons, yoga on the beach, kayaking and pool volleyball to name a few.

Grounds: 8/10

This resort is on the smaller side and the grounds were immaculate. The staff did a great job of cleaning up and making sure the sand "zen" areas (as I call them) are raked and free of clutter. I would say they could use a little more foilage but since this resort is brand spanking new, I'm sure the trees and shrubbery will mature in the coming years.

Rooms: 10/10

The rooms were modern and the type of room where your jaw drops open when you walk inside. I was impressed!

This resort is such a fun option and Tulum is one of those places you're definitely going to want to put on your bucket list. When we first arrived, my travel partner mentioned she wasn't feeling the vibe (we don't like a big party scene and it felt like that was being pushed a bit) BUT after visiting the beach

club, our minds were changed in a good way. This is one place I will dream about forever!

If you want to visit this resort, get started planning your trip here.

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