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Calling all foodies! Our experience at Unico 2087

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

If there's one thing I've learned in my 6 years as a travel agent, it's that I'm very picky when it comes to resorts. I want it all---amazing food & drinks with great service and on an incredible beach.

In July 2023, I had the opportunity to stay at Unico 2087 in Riviera Maya with my husband Drew. Unico is an adults-only resort located about 57 miles from Cancun International Airport. This resort is all inclusive.

Food: 9/10

Out of this world! It was so delicious. They have several specialty restaurants which have a unique and beautifully designed aesthetic. Every meal we had was incredible. Many all-inclusive "skimp" on their breakfast and lunch options mainly offering just buffets but Unico had a sit-down restaurant in addition to the buffets with the quality you would expect at a GOOD restaurant.

Drinks: 9/10

This isn't somewhere you order a strawberry daiquiri and call it a day. I mean, you could, but why would you? Unico is known for its "mixology" program and one of my favorite aspects of this resort is that each restaurant had a "drink menu" with unique, tasty drinks.

Spa: N/A

I try to get to the spa at most resorts I visit but their treatments were a little pricey. The "esencia" massage starts at $280 for a 50 minute treatment and treatments options get more expensive from there. I had a chance to tour the spa and the hydrotherapy circuit which I would say was "average" at best.

Easy to access: 5/10

Depending on traffic, it can be anywhere from 1.5 hours to 2 hours to get from Cancun International Airport to the resort. Although it's easy to get to CUN, the drive can be tedious if you're there for a short stay.

Service: 7/10

Although everyone was very friendly, I found the service in the restaurants to be very very slow. I know, they're on "island time" but it is what it is.

Beach: 5/10

Coming to this resort, I knew that the beach wasn't going to be the best. It was a bit rocky and not very large. It didn't have the turquoise blue waters that some other areas in Cancun have. BUT! It wasn't horrible. There was no seaweed and we saw sea turtles hatching which counts for something.

Pools: 3/10

I wanted to love the pools. I really did. BUT it was HOT (we went in July) and most of the pools were designed to look like cenotes so they are black (which attracts more heat). There was no relief from the hot sun when jumping into the pool because it was like jumping into an overheated hot tub. There were 2 swim-up bars and wait service around the pools which was wonderful. I think they would truly be great in the winter but it was a bit of a bummer for our stay. I'm not joking when I say I would pay extra for a chilled pool.

Entertainment: 5/10

This resort had many daily activities to choose from but minimal nightlife.

Grounds: 8/10

I think this resort will be a 10/10 when it's a little more mature. The staff does a great job with upkeep and keeping the grounds natural and clean. They even have a staff Hawk trained to scare away birds and rodents instead of using toxic chemicals.

Rooms: 10/10

I absolutely loved the natural aesthetic of the resort. All of the rooms, for the most part, have the same decor on the inside. The most basic room type is a swim out room and they go up from there. One of my favorite aspects of the rooms is that the resort offers "aromatherapy" where you can pick a scent and they will start a diffuser in your room with the combination you chose.

Overall, we had a wonderful experience and would say this is one of the top resorts we've ever stayed at. Unico is planning to open several resorts in the Caribbean throughout the next few years and if the food, drink and aesthetic of those resorts can be matched but it's found on an incredible beach, it might just be the best resort in the Caribbean.

A 5-night stay in February is pricing in around $4300/couple before flights are added.

If this resort sounds like it might be a good fit for you, what are you waiting for?

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