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Dreams do come true: Our experience at Beaches Turks & Caicos

We had the opportunity to travel to Beaches Turks & Caicos as a multi-generational group and everyone had a wonderful time. Everyday our boys still ask us when we will be going back to Turks & Caicos. The beach was incredible, and the grounds were gorgeous! The resort is like 4 all-inclusive in one and has 4 distinct and "unique" villages with their own vibe and restaurants.

Food: 6/10

There are over 20 restaurant options at the resort and the food was ENDLESS. Although we didn't have the opportunity to try everything out, the food we had was average. There were some meals (at the adults-only Sky) that were out of this world and others where the chips were stale. I'm a foodie at heart and food is very important--it wasn't horrible, but it wasn't the best I've experienced at an all-inclusive. One of the perks of visiting an all-inclusive of this scale with children is that they can enjoy their french fries and chicken nuggets at the buffet while we get to enjoy true French food that evening. There was so much to choose from! Little tip--check out "Arizonas" in the Caribbean village for the BEST beach side lunch.

Drinks: 5/10

The drinks were average. Nothing extraordinary. There wasn't one drink I had that really blew me away, but then, I didn't drink a ton on this trip. The speed of service was pretty slow at the bars and many times we had to walk awhile to find a bar. The beach service was incredible, however!

Spa: 5/10

The treatment ("in happy spirits" massage) was incredible and my massage therapist was so sweet. BUT there wasn't...really...a spa. I mean, they had a plunge pool, but I just thought for the scale of the resort, there would be more of a hydrotherapy circuit or a relaxation area. It was a bit odd.

Easy to access: 5/10

The resort is a quick 15-minute drive from PLS. The flights getting to Turks and Caicos can be a bit tricky depending on the time of year you're traveling. If you're traveling from the Midwest, plan on a minimum of one layover and a full day of travel each way.

Service: 5/10

Most employees were pleasant. Some of them wouldn't even make eye contact, "hello" or say a word when we were ordering. BUT when they saw the kiddos, many of their faces would light up and they would be so excited to say "hi".

Beach: 10/10

THIS IS WHY YOU COME TO THIS RESORT. Grace Bay Beach is one of the best beaches in the world. The clearest, bluest water straight out of your dreams mixed with the white powdery sand is something that I will never forget. It's one of those places where you can't believe what you're actually looking at when you're there. It's right out of a postcard.

Pools: 10/10

There were SO many pools on the resort. Quiet or entertaining. Big and small. A 40,000 square foot waterpark with a lazy river and small semi-private hidden pools make pools a highlight of the trip. There were plenty of floaties left in the water at night that people would leave behind so definitely no need to bring your own! The kids stated that the best part about the trip was the NIGHT SWIMMING!

Entertainment: 10/10

So. Much. Fun. They had a nightly show for the kids and also a nightly show for the adults. We were able to experience chocolate night, fire dancer show and they even had a street party for the kids (complete with Sesame Street characters). Every night and day there was something going on. I highly recommend downloading the Beaches App if you'll be visiting so you can be aware of everything that is going on in a daily basis. They also have a phenomenal kids club that they didn't want to leave.

Grounds: 10/10

The grounds were clean, well-kept and beautiful. There was tropical foliage everywhere that was kept up so well and a beach board walk that had amazing sunset views. They also had those little lizards everywhere that the kids tried to catch! I don't think the grounds could have been better in any way.

Rooms: 5/10

The rooms were clean, well-kept and ...average. We knew we wouldn't be in the rooms much so opted for the least expensive option which was ok. We stayed in the Caribbean village in the lead-in room and it definitely needed a bit of a facelift, but it was clean, and that is all we could really ask for. My in-laws stayed in an upgraded room in the Key West village and that room was INCREDIBLE! Very spacious and, without a doubt, newer.

Overall, the resort was great. It was a fun place to take the family with a lot of adventures and things to do. I don't think anyone was bored at any point in time. The positive of this resort is it's location right on Grace Bay Beach and it's HUGE size. We will definitely be returning!

A 5 night stay for a family of 4 in February is pricing around $6900 before flights are added

If this resort sounds like it might be a good fit for you, what are you waiting for?

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