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Never Say Never: Experience Secrets Puerto Los Cabos

I never thought I'd visit the west coast of Mexico. I was never interested in visiting Cabo or Puerto Vallarta because I am such a "white sand, turqouise water" person & I knew the beaches there are more of a golden sand with blue water. But, after booking tickets to see my favorite band of all time (Coldplay!) in Los Angeles, I made a spur of the moment decision to visit Los Cabos in the days leading up to the show. Because, if I was going to be on the East coast already, why not make it tropical? Shoutout to one of my besties for not even hesitating to come along with.

Food: 7/10

The food was good! From the sandwiches at the coffee shop to the sushi and inbetween, I was very pleased with the type of food offered & the quality.

Drinks: 5/10

The drinks were average. Nothing extraordinary. There wasn't one drink I had that really blew me away, but then, I didn't drink a ton on this trip.

Spa: 10/10

I think the first words out of our mouths was "did we die and go to heaven"? I wish I had photos of the spa to show you, because we were blown away. The hydrotherapy circuit was one of the most beautiful spaces I've ever been in. We both did a 90 minute pedicure and it was HEAVEN.

Easy to access: 9/10

The resort is a quick 20 minute drive from SJD and is a very scenic route.

Service: 9/10

Every single person we saw greeted us with a smile and helping hand. The service was above and beyond. My friend had to see the doctor on the resort and she was able to make a "house call" to our room and followed up with us. We hung out a lot with the playmakers and had an absolute blast. They go out of their way to make sure you are having a great time!

Beach: 1/10

We visited in late September and the beach was a "black flag" meaning that you couldn't even go down to access it. The currents in this area are VERY strong and they don't want ANYONE going in the water. I knew this would be the case, however, so it didn't break my trip. Plus, we were able to do some seaside yoga off one of patios overlooking the ocean and the majestic feel and sound of the waves crashing to shore was enough to soothe my soul for awhile. That being said, the beach does open in the winter months and looked large!

Pools: 9/10

The views from the pools were incredible! Imagine overlooking a golf course with the ocean in view and overlooking the mountains. So many people were just relaxing, looking at the view. The way the pools were set up--with lounge chairs built into the water in some areas and ontop of the cliffs in other areas was stunning.

Entertainment: 8/10

We aren't one for nightly entertainment but the playmakers were SO much fun and had us joining in on daily activities such as ping-pong tournaments and pool volleyball. They even had a bike tour where we left the resort and drove our bikes around a marina and ended up at a private beach club! So. much. fun!

Grounds: 10/10

The grounds were clean, well-kept and beautiful. I am not used to arid landscapes when traveling the Caribbean side, so it will really cool to see all the cacti and desert plants. They were all neatly labeled. On the beach side of the resort, there is a golf course overlooking the ocean that was a really neat touch.

Rooms: 8/10

The rooms were clean, well-kept and had a huge bathroom. I REALLY liked that we had a swim up room and would rate our room a 10/10 just for that aspect alone.

Overall, I was absolutely blown away with the resort and Los Cabos area in general. I would say with confidence that this is one of the best resorts I have ever visited. Again, if you are a huge beach person, you may want to visit the Caribbean side of Mexico. If you are just looking for an incredible trip with beautiful scenery and an even better spa experience--this may be the trip for you!

A 5 night stay in February is pricing in around $4100/couple before flights are added.

If this resort sounds like it might be a good fit for you, what are you waiting for?

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